2016 Acura MDX Review And MPG

The MDX is a big crossover which can carry up to seven people in comfort and even carry their luggage. However, even though the model has been released back in 2013, the under-body is quite old so it isn’t exactly the best driving car in its class. In fact, most of its competitors are better than it both in off-road and also on the road, a fact which gives Acura a hard time these days and that will be corrected with delivery of 2016 Acura MDX.

The 2016 model is just a mild refresh of the car set to make it a worthy competitor for the Lexus RX, a car which hasn’t the amount of seats of the MDX but which manages to steal some of its customers with better looks and also a better ride quality. With few changes that we are getting from MDX we know that this vehicle will offer a lot more and just to mention Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system that addressed the handling problem which, as we mentioned before, was one of the biggest problems of previous model.

2016 Acura MDX

2016 Acura MDX


The new MDX has improvements to the running gear so even Acura said that it isn’t as dull to drive as the older generation which could be quite a nice improvement if it was done right. On top of that they worked on the interior so it has slightly more equipment in the base trim and also gave it a few options under the hood. Even though this car has been released at the end of 2014, its launch was postponed but we will finally get it during this summer. The base price is expected to be at $42,865, only $100 more than 2015th model. At this price we are getting a lot of equipment and great features but in some cases competition offers even more.


Just as we said, there has been some work done under the hood of the 2016 Acura MDX and more precisely, the brand new 9 speed automatic gearbox which has been rumored for quite some time already. However, it isn’t an improvement as good as we hoped. In fact, it is worse in fuel consumption than the older 6 speed automatic which is a bit strange considering it should be more capable of delivering better fuel consumption. Acura said that it is worse because it offers the car better performance by keeping the 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6 at its peak torque level for longer. While this engine is good for 290 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque, it develops all that torque all the way up to 4500 rpm, so the transmission revs the engine more, hence the higher fuel consumption. The actual fuel consumption dropped by about 1 MPG on highway which isn’t that great for a new car on which everyone expects improvements.




In the future, the 3.5 liter engines will likely going to get reinforcement with hybrid drivetrain which will use a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 as well as two electric motors. This setup will allow it to use way less fuel while performing roughly the same. At this point these are only rumors but looking at the market and trends on it we think that it is quite plausible to see hybrid system in the lineup. There is no doubt that 20 to 30 percent fuel efficiency improvement would be a great benefit to drivers and it could offer even better sale results for MDX.




The exterior design of the redesigned vehicle didn’t change almost at all from the previous model, it comes only with minor upgrades. Expect improvements such as the new jewel eye headlights which now are slightly different as well as a new pair of wheels for the higher end model. We still think that the back of the car looks a bit too much like a Q7 from Audi but besides that, it is quite a good looking car which certainly deserves its place on the market.

2016 Acura MDX Review

The interior on the other hand is a bit of a different story because Acura gave the car an edgeless rear-view mirror, a new system which retracts the driver’s seat backwards in order to aid access when the door is open as well as a new standard infotainment system for the rear seats, a feature which was previously unavailable but highly requested. Center console of 2016 Acura MDX is taken by two screens where the upper one offers navigation while the second one that is positioned right above the temperature control buttons offer control over audio, entertainment and other car systems. Instead of the standard gearbox lever we are getting simple yet elegant buttons on the central stack for transmission control.

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